Kent Web Designs was founded by Garry Stephens in 1998 for small local Kent based businesses. We specialise in WordPress, SEO, website maintenance and web design services. We pride ourselves on our honesty and use of jargon free language.

Kent Web Designs was born following Garry’s long term motorcycle accident. Laid up for months on end, Garry used his time to teach himself Web Design, SEO and Development. This time allowed Kent Web Design to establish a network of businesses that could support each other in the expanding digital world.

Motorsport family

His family is well established in the UK motorcycle industry, his father being one of the worlds most famous Two Stroke tuners, Stan Stephens, and his brother being Harley Stephens of Holeshot PR. Garry worked in the motorcycle trade himself as both a salesman and a web manager. Combing his web design skills and love of motorsport Garry developed sites for the motorcycle trade throughout the Kent area.

Web Designer Garry Stephens

2 months ago

Kent Web Designs
Luke: GSOH, enjoys candlelit meals and long walks in the country...Ok, so I’ve just been told I shouldn’t use this as a dating opportunity, so scrap that - especially the ‘long walks’ bit - I was just trying to impress you. I’ll start again. My name’s Luke (or, ‘The one with the beard’), and I’m Co-Director of More Than Money with my dad, Andy, and my twin brother, Sam. Two years ago I grew the beard so that people would be able to tell me and Sam apart - but we all know that beards are cool (pirates, bikers....Santa), so I think we can all agree who’s come out on top here. My mission is to change the way we buy insurance in the UK; the industry makes it much more complicated than it needs to be, and I want every person on the street to feel knowledgeable and confident enough to set up policies for themselves and their families on their own - with me and my expert team on hand to help if they need it! Insurance is about more than money, so why not pop in for a friendly chat and find out more. Luke (The one with the beard). ... See MoreSee Less
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Who are we in 2019?

Since then Kent Web Designs has diversified and created a mixture of sites for motorcycle traders and small local businesses.

We understand that you are busy and that websites are put on the backburner whilst other projects are completed. This is why we are flexible, friendly and willing to work around your schedule.

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