Website design prices generally vary depending on the complexity and detail that your site requires.

For the initial design concept we charge a one time fee of £300, which includes consultation, design, and layout to create the look and feel of your website.

We can then work on the full content of the website. Prices tend to range from £600-£1500 depending on design and content.

Example site:

Website consultation and initial design – £300
Creation of website and coding of content – £800

Total site creation – £1100

Additional services;

CMS System – A Content Management System basically allows you to amend and maintain your website yourself allowing you make immediate changes at the click of a button. You will need know more technical knowledge than being to send an email – £300

Hosting and unlimited e-mail accounts – £100 per year

Search Engine Optimisation,
Monitoring services of online coverage,
Statistics of website usage – £150 per month

As well as designing websites I can also help you to create or redesign your company logo or other artwork including your letterheads and other stationary, so that your artwork and website can be fully integrated into your business.

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