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Kent Web Designs has been providing personalised web design services for domestic, commercial and industrial use for the past 15 years.

Being a small business ourselves we understand that a website often seems like an indulgence when it comes to prioritising your business needs.

However a website is in essence an online showroom for you, your services and your business.
It needs to be eye catching and distincly memorable to draw your clients in.
It needs interesting content and imagery, to keep them coming back for more.
It needs, most of all, to be written to Google’s very exacting standards if you are ever to stand a chance of being found amongst millions of your competitors.

Search Engine Optimisation

A website can be one of the most powerful tools you can use in business these days. It allows you to showcase your work, explain your services, give costings and quotations to your clients without even having to answer a phone. It can be the most beautiful or informative website in the world, however if the website can’t be found when a potential client looks on Google then the site is absolutely worthless.

Kent Web Designs specialise in what is called Search Engine Optimisation, which will in effect make you more visible to the customers that are looking for your sort of services.

We charge a monthly fee of £250, this involves optimising the site to specific “keyphrases” that you would like to be found for. A keyphrase should not be general as it will hinder your chances to be found, for instance “builders” would be virtually impossible to get to the top of Google as you will have to compete with tradesman all over the world. Whereas “building services Kent” will give you targeted leads that are looking for builders in your area.

For more information and examples please contact us directly.

Graphic Design

There are two contrasting types of graphic design:
Graphic design for print.
Graphic design for the internet.
We do offer both services and examples of our work can be found on our “Life Log” page of this website.

However we do specialise in internet graphic design and will always endeavor to optimise your images for the internet which allows for speedy downloads on iPhones and Tablets.


Good quality photography is more of a necessity in business than it has ever been before.
It’s often the first impression that has the most lasting effect and if your product or services are not displayed in there best light, then neither are you.
Whether you need a panoramic for your website or photos of your latest product, we can help you make that first impression right first time.


We offer hosting services for a fee of £100 per year

This includes unlimited space for your website and unlimited personalised email accounts.

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